I program for various companies in Perl, MySQL, JavaScript and also a small bit of HTML & CSS.

Personal traits

I've been coding in Perl for 13 years.

Personal projects

In my spare time, I like to work on my own projects., KJabberd, XML::MyXML and I have a couple more that have not been released yet. I have begun to use AngularJS a lot. is a site that lets Perl programmers create their own RSS feeds that track new versions of their favourite Perl modules. See what people on twitter are saying about it.


KJabberd is a simple Jabber server (written in Perl), especially designed to be integrated with websites. It's under development, but functional already. Watch a video demo of KJabberd in action.


XML::MyXML is a very easy-to-use Perl module, for parsing and creating XML documents.

Favourite Perl Modules

Mojolicious, Moo, AnyEvent

Favourite JavaScript Libraries

AngularJS, Moment.js, Lo-Dash

Bugs I've found and/or fixed

Here's a list of bugs in other projects that I've found and/or provided a fix for since 2013.